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IT Electronics Packaging & Shipping Services 

Craters & Freighters of Philadelphia is a specialist in packing & shipping of IT electronics including computers, servers, and other delicate computing equipment. We understand that electronics are very delicate and fragile to handle, pack, and ship. We know that we are dealing with small and delicate equipment, the value many times is much larger than the size of the equipment. When we ship Servers and Computers we are very careful because we know we are shipping your information, which often is the most valuable part of the shipment. We will handle your move anywhere in the USA or around the globe.

Craters & Freighters of Philadelphia will take all of the precautions to protect your equipment within a specially designed crate. If needed, we will protect your item with special static protection materials. We can make a reusable crate if you desire. We have special materials made to cushion your equipment during the transportation process. We pick up, carefully package, insure (if you choose), and ship safely to your destination of choice. Please call or email us today to ask questions, or simply request a quote.

We serve all business types, including financial institutions, medical equipment manufacturers and providers, schools and universities, specialty technology operations, call centers, insurance companies, law firms. If you choose, we will come to your facility and review your custom crating and moving needs.

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